Colour Theory

Although we see the world in a rainbow of colours, our eye reads our world in red, blue or green and any other colours are a mixture of these.

Let's have a look at those three colours and how they fit into our life.


Emotion : Think of love, warmth, and fun but sometimes anger.
Noise:   Loud colour. Fast beat and the main melody. Busy. Jumps out at you.
Temperature:  Hot! Try painting a pebble from the beach red, and another blue. Which one feels hotter?
Distance: Anything red jumps to the front of a picture however small it is.
Use in real life: Colour for danger and stop. Think of traffic lights or warning signs. Hot taps.

Red is a favourite selling colour as it gets you noticed!


Emotion:  Makes you think of the ocean. Clean, cool, clear, refreshing. Space. Science.
Noise:   Quiet, low watery noises. Lots of bass or background notes.
Temperature:  Cool and sometimes cold. Try walking into a blue room after a sunny yellow one.   How do you feel -cold?!
Distance:  If you look at the horizon, all colours turn to blues\ greys. Blue is a disappearing colour.
Use in real life : Smart , efficient corporate colour. Cold tap.  Best selling colour for cleaning products.     


Emotion: Think of peace, calm, harmony and nature.
Noise: Natural peaceful quietness.
Temperature.  Neutral. Certainly the easiest colour to live with, it is neither hot, nor cold.
Distance: Midground. Neither shouting for attention nor disappearing into the distance.
Use in real Life:  Colour for nature, eco and environmental awareness. Recycled labelling.