Five Ways to Enjoy colour any Grey Day

  1. Have a coloured bath time. Teach your kids to mix colours by adding just a few drops of food colouring to the bath. It's great fun, doesn't stain and just breaks up the routine a bit. Yellow always gets a groan in our house!

  2. Have a coloured food day. Choose a colour and all the food has to be that. You can add a few drops of food colouring if you want. It's amazing how unappealing blue food is even if it tastes just the same!

  3. Buy some big sticks of chalk or pick up some chunks of charcoal next time you go beach combing. Let the kids draw on the street or in your back yard. It washes away but there is something really fun about drawing on the ground.

  4. Cover your whole kitchen table with butchers paper or the big rolls you can buy from IKEA. Let the kids doodle until it's full. They love the freedom and there is no mess for you to clear up.

  5. Colour treasure hunt. Next time you go to the park, choose each child a colour and they have to collect as many things as they can in that colour.