ColourMeArt Fundraising

Fancy selling ColourMeArt products to help with your fundraising project? ColourMeArt will donate 25% of your group purchases to your worthy cause . Everything you need  to get selling and earning  is on this page .

You can download the group order form and information kit below:

First you will need to contact  for a promotion code particular to your fundraising cause. Make sure you fill in the promotion code you have been given at the top of the form. When you have successufully received your order, ColourMeArt will send you a cheque. Don't forget to let us know the name it should be made out to.

The completed order form can be :

  1. Sent by email attachment to
  2. Faxed to (02) 95180212
  3. Posted to ColourMeArt, P.O Box 777 Petersham NSW 2049.
  4. Ordered via the website shop. Don't forget to include your Promotion code at the checkout.

 Orders will only be dispatched once payment has been processed.

 Payment can be made in one of three ways.

  1. Cheque made payable to ColourMeArt and posted to:
    ColourMeArt, P.O Box 777, Petersham. NSW 2049
  2. Electronic Transfer
    Account Name : Helen Ashley T\as ColourMeArt
    Account BSB 062227
    Account Number 10178480
    Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Petersham NSW Branch.
  3. Via PayPal on the ColourMeArt Website Just order using the online shop in the usual way and by doing a group order you will obviously save on freight costs.

 Thank you  for choosing to sell ColourMeArt for your fundraising project. As a mother of three I know how hard it is to come up with new and original ideas to raise money for school P&C funds.  Hope this works well for you!