About ColourMeArt

ColourMeArt is an Australian Giftware company offering quality original and inspiring products for children to colour.

All artwork is hand drawn by Australian artist and mum Helen Ashley.

Aim of ColourMeArt is to:

  • Stimulate a child’s imagination while entertaining them with these classically themed drawings.
  • Promote fine motor skills and an artistic sense of colour.
  • Encourage early writing skills.
  • Provide some easy for Mum or Dad, screen-free time with a worthwhile end product to frame, laminate, post, or wear.
  • Provide an easy to post, portable product using recyclable materials and the minimum of packaging.
  • Offer a creative product for boys as well as girls to enjoy.
  • Offer a tasteful Australian product for the tourist souvenir market.

Why Choose ColourMeArt?

  • The products are hand drawn, detailed and unique.
  • The quality of paper used allows the child to use their favourite medium – ink, paint, pencil or pen.
  • Each pack comes with a colouring suggestion. The Australian range includes a booklet of fun facts so is educational too.
  • There are 4 posters in each tube so a child can share with their friends unlike a conventional colouring book.
  • The gift cards are seriously handy in the ‘present’ cupboard for the enormous amount of parties the kids go to. The Australian range can be used as postcards when on holiday.
  • The products are Australian designed and wherever possible sourced locally.
  • ColourMeArt is easy to post. Or portable for a creative holiday activity.
  • The tube and box are reusable. Great storage for art materials or treasure.