Our Green Promise

ColourMeArt is committed to being an environmentally responsible company.

  1. Products are recyclable
    No batteries. No screens. No power needed to enjoy any ColourMeArt products.
    All material used is made from recycled or recyclable materials. Paper is made from recycled paper or from renewable forest resources. Even our plastic tube ends are recyclable. Gift card boxes are reusable for storage of art materials or treasure.
    No unnecessary (often poor quality) art materials included.
  2. Educational Products
    All products try to stimulate a child’s imagination but especially the Australian range educates children about this strange and wonderful country.
    The website has useful links to eco-educational sites, with particular reference to learning about Australian eco systems.
    The website promotes environmental awareness in its online art class.
    It teaches children how to appreciate their surroundings and the role colour has within it.
  3. Made in Australia
    Wherever possible all products are made in Australia. The immediate benefit of keeping production local reduces our carbon footprint considerably.
  4. Day to Day
    ColourMeArt’s online shop uses virtually no power or administrative paperwork.
    Your online order is likely to arrive in a pre-loved packing box which was walked to the local post office.
    All our office electricity is powered by solar energy.